ButtonEZ™ Product Shot

Welcome to the ButtonEZ™ website. We here at GI Inventions are excited about our new product, and because you're here you're excited about the product also. The ButtonEZ™ is a tool for assisting people who have difficulty fastening and unfastening their buttons.

On this website you will see videos demonstrating how to use the tool. If you have a desire to wear button-up shirts, blouses, sweaters, and or jackets this tool is made with you in mind. We recommend that you practice using the tool with two hands; one hand holding the tool and the other hand holding the button.

Get familiar with the grasping of the button aspect:

As you attempt to join the tool to the button pull the trigger back towards the handle allowing the docking port diameter to increase. Next, engage the button while allowing the trigger to move back away from the handle grasping the button.

Once fully docked the button should not release unless you overcome the spring's docking force. The button is to be fully dock into the docking port of the ButtonEZ™ before attempting to button your garment.

With a little bit of practice you will be operating this tool just as good or better then person doing the video demonstration.

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